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**All sessions and packages are also available as virtual sessions!**


Fitness Consultation and Program Development - $100*

This includes a complete health history evaluation, Q&A session with one of our fitness professionals as well as goal setting. From the information gathered an EDGE Personal Training trainer will create a complete 3 month fitness program designed specifically for you!

Fitness Assessment and Functional Movement Screen - $85*

The Fitness Assessment consists of a 3 site body composition test, circumference measurements, resting heart rate, flexibility testing and a full body functional movement screen to assess the clients beginning physical mobility. Goal setting and a Q&A session will follow the conclusion of the testing.

Nutritional Review and Consultation - $100**

Our nutritional review is a comprehensive look at what you eat on a day-to-day basis and how it can be impacting your health. With the information gathered we can help you in making more informed decisions regarding your food choices. Whether you are looking to get the most out of your workouts, shed a few pounds or simply feel better, our nutritional review can help! 45-60min

Gym Design- $100*

Are you looking to stay fit at home or the office in between your workouts at EDGE? Let us help you design your space! Whether your space is a designated room, or just the corner of one, utilizing N.S.C.A. guidelines and our experience we can advise you on what equipment you should obtain to safely maximize your out-of-studio workouts!

*prices noted do not include WA St. sales tax
** the nutritional information given is not intended to treat or prevent any medical conditions. If you have specific dietary or medical needs, you need to speak to a registered dietitian (R.D.). The nutritional review is for information only.

Personal Training Prices

(to ensure the safety and well being of our clients, a health history and fitness assessment is mandatory for all new

EDGE Personal Training clients. Sessions are 55 mins. in length unless otherwise noted.)

**All sessions and packages are also available as virtual sessions!**

Get Started!

5 sessions for $525*


The Get Started! training package is for new EDGE Personal Training clients looking to improve their overall health and wellness. The fitness consultation, assessment, functional movement screen and program development are included at a reduced rate.



  • Single sessions $100* each

  • 5+ sessions $90* each

  • 15+ sessions $85* each


  • ½ hour sessions $55* each

  • 10 ½ hour sessions for $500*


Semi Private

  • 2 people $150*/hour

  • 3 people $195*/hour

  • 4 people $220*/hour

10+ semi-private sessions purchased are reduced by $5/person *

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